What login passwords does the MSRvXXX have?

About the passwords

All our devices (MSRv007, MSRv008, MSRv009 and MSRv010) have 2 login passwords:

  • 1st password (user password) is by default 1234. This allows basic access to the device.
  • 2nd password (admin password) will be sent to you when you purchase the upgrade code. This allows you basic access to the device and, depending on the firmware, more functionality.

Change the password

To change the user password, login with the user password and press the password button.

To change the admin password, login with the admin password and press the password button.

Admin password

On Firmwares up to 7.0 the admin password provides an alternate way to log in and does not provide any extra functionaltiy. Having 2 passwords is useful in case you loose one of them.

On firmwares newer than 7.0, the admin password allows you basic access and extra functionality: with this password you can change the key of the device (note: only if the device is full). Changing the key also resets the 1st password to 1234. Read more here.

Warning: If you are using firmware 7.0 or newer, a 4 character password is not strong enough to protect your device. Please change it immediatelly to a longer (6 characters or more) and a more complicated password (not only numbers; use lower case and uppercase letters too).

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