What is CRFSuite?

CRFSuite is our full featured Graphic User Interface. It allows easy access to our magnetic stripe readers and analysis to the read data.

Connecting process

Operating the device

Changing the date & time

Changing the password


Installing to a flash drive

The about box


Managing keys

Removing OEM features

Decrypting data

Viewing data.

Note that swipes 2 to 10 are interrupted.

Viewing variants. Useful for forensic investigations and data recovery.

The "File" menu

The "Edit" menu and "Edit mode" submenu

Grouping of the swipes by timestamp. Note the colors on swipes 4 to 7, 7 to 8 and 9 to 10

Decoding settings window

ISO standards embedded. Note that everything is customisable

We support 3 decoding methods

We support 12 timestamps

The simple decode mode