Integrate and use our magnetic stripe reading technology

We have developed the smallest, fastest, greenest 3 track magnetic stripe readers. They incorporate the revolutionary interrupted swiping technology which makes them ideal to get a better reading up to usage in forensic data recovery.

Our technology can be used (but not limited) for:


    • Attendance applications (Student ID, Membership card, Conference, Meetings, Employees)
    • Racing events
    • Payment systems (Merchants, Online payments)
    • Law enforcement (DMV card)
    • Locking Systems (Access cards)
    • Age verification system (Pubs, Clubs, etc)

    Our technology is available for licensing to interested companies only if their project makes impossible the usage in illegal activities. We can produce working readers or work with your technical staff to incorporate our technology directly in your PCB. Please click here to contact us for details.

    With a consumption of just 0.08mA/hour the usage of the battery is minimal which makes our technology the most eco-friendly in this field; A 40mA battery will run for more than 20 days while the reader is active.


    • 3 track reader
    • Reads interrupted swipes in both directions
    • Ultra-compact design
    • Smallest size available in the industry today
    • High noise immunity
    • High performance decoding
    • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
    • Fully encrypted
    • Stores up to 64000 cards
    • Ultra low power consumption
    • Low voltage operation
    • Every swipe is timestamped
    • Reads all magnetic cards
    • Industrial operation range
    • USB Interface
    • Easy to use
    • API available for integration in your system

    Features details

    3 track reader - Reads all three tracks of the magnetic cards. The reader exceeds the industry’s standard and supports 75 to 210bpi density on every track. Swiping speed can vary from as low as 3ips (7.62cm/s) to as high as 100ips (254 cm/s).

    Reads interrupted swipes in both directions - When a swipe is interrupted, the data that has been read is saved and analysed by a highly efficient algorithm that is able to correctly interpret and display the data.

    Ultra-compact design - The reader has been designed to use as least space as possible.

    Smallest size available in the industry today - It is one of the smallest magnetic stripe reader available today ( 4 x 5 x 15mm ).

    High noise immunity - The reader can withstand and read correctly near noisy PC monitors, cell phones, switching power supplies, etc.

    High performance decoding - Reads badly damaged cards.

    Automatic Gain Control (AGC) - Reads cards from 30% - 200% of International Standards Organisation (ISO) 7811 amplitude standard.

    Fully encrypted - The data is stored and transferred encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm which is also used by U.S. government to protect top secret information.

    Stores up to 32000 cards - It features 2150kb of memory and the cards are compressed. For cards that contain only Track 2 there is enough memory to store 32000 swipes. In the worst case scenario, when all tracks are used and are full written, there is enough memory to store more than 8000 swipes.

    Ultra low power consumption - Less than 0.08mA when idle and less than 4mA when a card is being swiped. This means that running on a 80mA battery it will run for 41days or read 72000 cards.

    Low voltage operation - Requires 2.7 to 3.7 volts which makes it ideal to run on a single cell LiIon or LiPolimer rechargeable batteries. It will work with any power supply as long as the power requirements are met.

    Every swipe is timestamped - Has a highly calibrated internal clock and will write the date and time when each swipe has been read.

    Reads all magnetic cards - Interprets all standards and allows the user to define their own card format

    Industrial operation range - The operation range of this unit is from -40°C to 85°C therefore it will operate in any kind of weather.

    USB Interface - It is communicating through USB, interface which is fast and available in almost all the computers used today.

    Easy to use - The software that comes with our readers has a well designed graphic user interface for windows. There are just 4 steps you need to do: Select device, LogIn, Download and Decrypt


    Software Information

    We have developed a very friendly user interface that runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Upon request we can provide the APIs to your engineers or have our engineers integrate our readers into your systems.


    Warranty information

    We guarantee our technology to work fault free for 3 years. During this time we might issue updates to our firmware in order to fix newly discovered issues.

    However, we will not provide a warranty if the customer has gained access to internal parts of the reader. Your company is responsible of integrating the technology into case so that is protected against the user access.



    We will ensure to the best of our capabilities that this technology is not used for criminal purposes. For this reason we will require your company to provide us with full specifications of your project and we will require to see and verify the prototype. We reserve the right to discontinue the supply of our technology should we have reasonable reason to believe that your product is reach criminals.

    To address the trade secrets issue we are happy to sign a non disclosure agreement with your company.

    Click here to register with us and discuss the details.