Lancelot firmware update

In order to update the firmware from your Lancelot device, you will need:

Fist, you need a JTAG cable. You can purchase it here:

  1. Fast JTAG cable (Digilent HS2)
  2. Slow JTAG cable (Xilinx)

Then, you will need to download the Lancelot bitstream. This file contains 2 bitstreams, one running stable at 200Mhz (400 Megahashes) and one that is adjusting the frequency by itself to try to achieve faster hashing speed. Unpack this file using Winrar and make sure you know where you've unpacked it.

Then, you will need to download and install Xilinx LabTools.

After installation:

  1. Open "iMPACT" tool. press "Cancel" if any dialog box pops up.
  2. Connect the Platform Cable and power on the Lancelot device. The indicator light on the cable should turn green.
  3. Click " Boundary Scan".
  4. Click "Initialize Chain". Press "cancel" if any dialog box popup.
  5. Click "SPI/BPI ?" icon at the top of xc6slx150 device. and assign the MCS file. select "SPI PROM", "W25Q64BV/CV", "4".
  6. Repeat step 5 for the other FPGA.
  7. Right click FLASH icon and then select program.
  8. Wait for at least 8 min (slow cable) or 3 min (fast cable)
  9. Tturn off the Lancelot and turn it back on. FLASH has been updated.
  10. Repeat 7~9 for the other FPGA.

Known issues:

If Impact tool does not start, try to run 32 bit version of Xilinx LabTools. If this doesn't work, try a previous version (version 13.4 is known to work)

If you cannot find the .mcs file, make sure that you've extracted the archive that you've downloaded from our website (lancelot_firmware.rar) using Winrar