How to upgrade from the DEMO to the FULL version?

In order to upgrade your demo version you have to purchase a password from us; you cannot upgrade your device without it!

If you do not have this password, please do not try to upgrade your demo as you will lock it permanently. Every device has a different upgrade password and you cannot use an upgrade password from another device.

Connect to your MSR (if you need more information regarding this step, click here)

You can only upgrade your device if it is in demo mode.

If you want to know if you have a demo device, please observe in the picture below

  • the name of the device is "Demo Card Reader"
  • the warning icon in the upper right part of the window
  • the warning message at the bottom of the window

Click the Upgrade button.

Type in here the upgrade password that you've purchased from us. Please be careful when you type the password as it is quite easy to confuse 1 (one) with l (lowcase L), and 0 (zero) with O (capital letter o). If you have received the password via email, we recommend that you use the Copy (CTRL-C) and Paste (CTRL-V) feature of you computer operating system in order to write the correct password.

Click Ok.

Click Yes.

You should receive the message "Upgrading succeeded". If you have, your device device is in FULL mode and it will stay in this mode from now on. You will not need to repeat this procedure.

In order to recognize that you have a full device, note that the name of the device is "Card Reader" and there is no warning icon in the upper right part of the window.

Thank you for your upgrade!