How to recover from a failed firmware update

If the internet firmware update fails, you will be unable to use your device. Please follow these steps in order to recover your reader.

Try to connect to the reader. You should receive the message "Device is not responding on ..."

Ensure that your computer is connected to the internet and you are able to view this website.

Then, click on the "Device" menu and then on "Firmware update (from internet)" menu.

At "Option 1", type in the build number of your MSRvXXX. 

Warning: Do not type in any other build number as the recovery will fail.

In the example below, we are recovering the MSRv010 with build number 025107.


You should see a message similar with the one below. Click "Yes" to continue.

CRFSuite will then update your device. Please wait and do not disconnect your reader.

If everything went well, you will then see the message below and your reader should work as normal.

If the red light blinks after the update it means that you've installed the wrong firmware. Try updating again with the correct build number.