How to connect to the USB based magnetic stripe readers (MSRv007, MSRv009, MSRv010)


Plug in your computer the USB data cable that was shipped with your MSRvXXX (picture below). Do not use any other cables with your MSR. 


Note: If you have not installed the USB drivers that we have provided on the CDROM, you should do this before continuing this tutorial.

Connect the MSR to the USB cable.

Start CRFSuite. If starting CRFSuite fails, please install .net Framework from the CDROM that we have provided.

Click on USB.

In the unlikely case that you have more of our cables plugged into your computer, you can choose the cable that you want to use in the box below. Note that in our example we have only one ("1 port detected." is displayed at the bottom of the picture) so we will skip this step.

Click Connect.

Type in your password in this box. The default password is 1234

Click "Log In"

You are now connected to the reader.

Please use the buttons to command the reader. If you need to, refer to the user manual for more information regarding their functionality.