How to change the encryption key?


In order to change the key, you need to log in using the admin password of your device. This is not the user password ("1234"). You will receive this password from us together with the default encryption key and upgrade code.

You need to log in using this password.


If your device is upgraded and you have used the admin password, CRFSuite will show you a button that spells "Key". Press this button to change the key.



In the text boxes below you will need to type in a new key. Ensure that you remember this key or you will never be able to decrypt the data produced by your Magnetic Stripe Reader.

Note the CBC check box. This tells the reader that it can use the CBC encryption mode which is stronger than the old encryption mode. If you choose to use this mode you will only be able to read the data with CRFSuite 3.1 or higher.


Choosing a key can be difficult. If you type in an invalid key and press OK, CRFSuite will ask you if you want to generate a random key.


CRFSuite will fill in the text boxes with the new randomly generated key and will also write it into clipboard. At this point you can open any text editor application (notepad, word etc) and press CTRL-V to paste the new key.

Press Ok if you want to proceed with changing the key.


If everything went well, the following window will be displayed.

Note: the user password is automatically reset to 1234 after this step.

Thank you for using our products.

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