Firmware History

05 Jan 2013: New firmware release: 7.15

Fixes Real Time Clock running too fast: Only on some devices, after few hundred swipes the timestamp was not accurate. This firmware fixes this issue.

14 Dec 2012: New firmware release: 7.14

 Fixes a problem that rarely occurs:

  • Problem: generates invalid .crf files which causes CRFSuite to fail to open the file.
  • The bug has now been fixed and will not occur in the files generated with this firmware. 
  • This bug was reported only once, although it has existed since 4 years ago.
  • Please note that there is a workaround to this bug. Click here for details.

15 Oct 2012: New firmware release: 7.12

  • Fixes a major bug from 7.10. All customers are adviced not to use firmware 7.10 or 7.11 and upgrade to 7.12 immediatelly.

8 Oct 2012: New firmware release: 7.11

  • Fixes a bug from 7.10

27 Sep 2012: New firmware release: 7.10

  • Enhances the card reading quality

05 May 2012: New firmware release: 7.02

  • Added feature to disable leds. More...
  • Added support for slow swipes less than 2cm/second
  • Fixed one minor bug

22 Sep 2011: New firmware release: 7.01

Maintenance release
  • Fixed: in demo mode the change of date/time was causing the reader to refuse to read anymore swipes
14 Sep 2011: New firmware release: 7.0

This is a major upgrade for all MSRvXXX devices and update can be done through internet. More...


  • Hugely improves reading speed on all devices.
  • Ability to change the key. This feature is available only for devices in FULL mode and is done using the admin password. Note that changing the key also changes the user password to "1234". Learn how to change the key here.
  • Ability to choose AES 128bits CBC or AES 128bits ECB encryption mode.The default encryption mode is still ECB in order to be compatible with all version of CRFSuite. Read mode about CBC here.


  • Reduced the device lock protection from 24 hours to 4 hours

15 Sep 2010: New firmware release: 6.1f

  • Maintenance release. No new features.

31 Aug 2010: New firmware release: 6.1e

  • Fix erase issue (the new memory chips were not correctly erased in 6.1d; some parts were left unerased). All customers with firmware 6.1d and with memory of 2048kb or 4096kb are urged to update to this firmware using CRFSuite.

26 Aug 2010: New firmware release: 6.1d

  • Added feature to allow firmware update through CRFSuite
  • Added support for new memory chips
  • Introduced random build numbers

05 Jun 2010: New firmware release: 6.1c 

  • Maintenance release; no new features added

06 March 2010: New firmware release: 6.1b (Build number: 68xx, 7xxx, 8xxx)

New features: 

  • MSRv008 is now able to change the name of the bluetooth device and the peering password
  • Swipes that take up to 4 seconds (very, very slow swipes) are now accepted
  • MSRv007 board has larger power pads so they are more difficult to rip off
  • MSRv007 board has two leds: the usual blue led and an extra red led which is used to show hardware errors


  • Fixed the issue where in the new read mode, after a read failure (eg. swipe longer than 2 seconds) the device did not read anything else until reboot.
  • Fixed the issue when some readers became blocked or were switching to demo mode when using faulty batteries

28 November 2009: New firmware release: 6.1a (Build number: 67xx, 68xx, 69xx)

  • Fixed the issue where few devices did not communicate properly with the computer resulting in some login or download failures.

21 November 2009: New firmware release: 6.1 (Build number: 67xx)

Important: These units work only with CRFSuite


  • 40% faster card reading code compared to 63xx (67xx swipe = 5ms => up to 200 swipes / second)
  • Each swipe is timestamped in miliseconds
  • Clock is more accurate (should get rid of PC communication errors)
  • Added feature to interrupt the erase process
  • Added feature to download the whole memory (even if unused)
  • Reduced memory usage with 4%
  • Added option to use (on request) the 5xxx builds read mode (This feature might be helpful if you get "head error" messages in CRFSuite. However, if you do get this messages the real problem might be because you've put glue or liquid or melted plastic on the wires from the head. If this is the case, switching to old mode won't help as we think that will cause the reader to get a lot of blank swipes. You should remove whatever material you've used on the wires).

   5xxx mode = max 608bits per track
   6xxx mode = max 704bits per track
   While using 5xxx mode, the read speed is still fast (5ms vs 55ms in 5xxx builds). Fixes:

  • If memory fails or there is not enough memory to write a swipe, the reader won't indicate anymore that a swipe has been read. This should alert the user that the swipes are not stored into memory.
  • Fixed: After erase, in some cases there were 528 bytes left unerased in memory
  • Fixed: If powered off while running only on battery the last 528 bytes were not saved, therefore we were loosing few swipes.

27 August 2009: New firmware release (Build number: 63xx, 66xx)

New features:

  •  146% faster card reading code compared to 6xxx (6xxx swipe = 17ms, 63xx swipe = 7ms => up to 146 swipes / second)
  •  better clock check
  •  better code for counting the swipes
  •  startup time reduced from 500ms to 100ms
  •  changed led signals


  • removed the code that was improving the power consumption with 0.01mA as it was causing read issues on some devices
  • if the clock fails, the device will still read (however, all the timestamps will remain the same)
  • fixed swipe count bug from 6xxx

11 August 2009: New firmware release (Build number: 60xx, 61xx and 62xx )

New features:

  • 223% faster card reading code compared to 5xxx (5xxx swipe = 55ms, 6xxx swipe = 17ms => up to 60 swipes / second)
  • added 4Mb memory support
  • improved power consumption a little bit (should be around 0.01mA less)
  • improved track buffer: now we are reading 704 bits per track instead of 608
  • improved hardware check
  • added clock calibration - now is more accurate (used to vary based on temperature)
  • the led signals have been changed


  • introduced safeguards to avoid eeprom corruption
  • upgrade/downgrade password cannot be changed
  • demo version now counts only the swipes that were actually written in memory
  • setTime was introducing 0.0625seconds error
  • if read chip is soldered improperly it should give 2 blinks and should not write bogus data into memory anymore

These fixes are introduced to address the the following issues reported by customers:

  • MSRv007 was not reading all the swipes if they were occurring fast
  • MSRv007 sometimes was locking itself (reporting: device locked) 

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