About us

Welcome to CardReaderFactory a company profiled on electronic authentication technology.

Founded in 2008, CardReaderFactory's mission is to understand the business of our customers and prospective customers, assess their needs and provide creative, responsive, timely, cost effective products by drawing upon our extensive experience and resources.

CardReaderFactory is committed to designing, manufacturing and delivering quality products, which exceed customer and regulatory requirements.

CardReaderFactory is a trading name for Merlion Holdings Limited.

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Merlion Holdings Limited (on behalf of)

Location: People's Republic of China

Skype: cardreaderfactory

Phone: We can be reached at the phone numbers below. Note that we offer a local phone number for your convenience only. The phone is answered in China by our English & Chinese speaking staff. This doesn't mean that we are in your country nor we ship from your country. We apologise if we do not speak your language. Please do not call out of the specified hours.

Hong Kong flag +852 8199 0849

08:30 - 17:30 (Hong Kong local time, UTC + 8), 从星期一到星期五

GB flag +44 203 239 7999 00:30 - 10:30 (UK local time, UTC + 1), Monday to Friday
USA flag +1 858 437 9995 16:30 - 02:30 (California local time, UTC - 7), Monday to Friday
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02:30 - 12:30 (Romania local time, UTC + 3), de luni pana vineri

Local pickup: please call us at least 1 hour in advance to book an appointment.

If you prefer, write us here instead of calling.