CardReaderFactory is manufacturing the best and smallest portable magnetic stripe card readers in the world. Our readers are encrypted, run for months even on a small battery, read and recover any type of magnetic stripe (even interrupted swipes) and have a very friendly, full featured user interface.

We spare no expense or effort to achieve perfection. We guarantee that we are producing the world's highest quality magnetic stripe readers!

14-Oct-15 Demo card readers are now only $49 (5 times less than before)
16-Jun-15 MSRv009 is also available in 0.85mm.
27-Jan-15 New products: MSRv012 and MSRv014
05-Jan-13 New firmware for MSRv007, MSRv008, MSRv009 and MSRv010: v7.15. Fixes a bug. More...
14-Dec-12 New firmware for MSRv007, MSRv008, MSRv009 and MSRv010: v7.14. More...
15-Oct-12 We are now accepting Bitcoins as payment.
06-Aug-12 New, slimmer MSRv009, just 1mm. Order here.
21-Jul-12 New CRF (Card Reader Factory) battery, exactly the same size as MSRv009 (slim and thin). Order here.
05-May-12 New software release: CRFSuite v3.1.2. More...
16-Mar-12 New extra small batteries available: 5mA and 9mA. You can also choose one free of charge when you purchase any FULL Magnetic Stripe Reader.

All our magnetic stripe readers are designed and engineered by our expert engineers in the United Kingdom.

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